People or God and Do We Have to Choose

I recently found a quote that went like this: If you’ve reached a point where you only attend a church because of the relationships you’ve built there and not because of the sound doctrine/teaching that’s actually feeding your soul, then maybe it’s time to evaluate whether you’re attending a sound biblical church. Well isn’t thatContinue reading “People or God and Do We Have to Choose”

Through the Hymns: Blessed Assurance

I just love the hymns. While I have nothing against a new worship song, there is something so rich and wonderful about a hymn. Oftentimes, the lyrics are straight from scripture and are filled with deep truth. I know some may find them “old-fashioned” but, as far as I’m concerned, the Bible will never beContinue reading “Through the Hymns: Blessed Assurance”

Women in Ministry: Choosing Gospel over the Latest Trend

A couple of years ago, I took it upon myself to inspire other women in leadership roles within the church. As I look back to that time, there is so much I wish I would have known and come to terms with but every opportunity is a learning opportunity. It is a chance for GodContinue reading “Women in Ministry: Choosing Gospel over the Latest Trend”

The Great Cultivation | Part One

We are in a time when people have closed their ears, eyes and hearts to the truth of the Word of God. They would rather listen to “feel good” messages, read “self-care” books and teach on topics that do not offend. Fear and virtue signaling rules in the decision making when it comes to sharingContinue reading “The Great Cultivation | Part One”

Even When it Gets Uncomfortable

You will find many websites, books, and blogs, geared toward women, that will tell you how amazing you are, that you are enough and will fill you with affirmation after affirmation. This is great if you are self-seeking, inward thinking and driven by the influence of society. Following the latest and hippest influencer is excitingContinue reading “Even When it Gets Uncomfortable”