The Great Cultivation | Part One

We are in a time when people have closed their ears, eyes and hearts to the truth of the Word of God. They would rather listen to “feel good” messages, read “self-care” books and teach on topics that do not offend. Fear and virtue signaling rules in the decision making when it comes to sharing the gospel. A darkness has slowly crept it’s way into many churches and we have allowed the enemy to have free reign. Instead of armoring up, running towards the Word of God and trusting His call to be light bearers, we have succumbed to tolerance and wishy washy Christianity. This approach has leaders seeing God through the lens of social justice and cultural norms, instead of through His Holy, historically accurate, Word – also known as the Bible. 

This is progressive Christianity and it is filled with evil. I also like to refer to it as “selective christianity” as, when the Bible is actually used, only certain parts of scripture are pulled to help support ideologies, opinions, etc. Scripture is taken out of context to support these ideals instead of ideals being formed by scripture. Of course, the enemy is convincing enough to have many think this is the gospel filled with love. “Selective christianity” is exactly as it applies – it means that leaders, learners and the like are selective of what parts of scripture they choose to focus on. The parts that don’t feel good, or could turn people away or offend are avoided. Because, heaven forbid we preach truth and risk people denying God.  

While we definitely do want to share the Good News, we also need to share all that scripture states and some of it is harsh, uncomfortable and, while I choose to disagree with this description, some may even say it’s offensive.. When we have shared truth, the Living Word, and the foundation of how to live life as written by God, we have done our part. Sometimes it’s not going to be “popular” or “cool” or “trendy”. We continue to go out into the world doing what Jesus commanded us to do through the Great Commission but, we do so with faith and assurance that, as we share TRUTH, He will do the rest. 

A watered down gospel only benefits the sharer. And, truthfully, the benefits are about as beneficial as a bubble floating through the air. It looks cool for a minute but it eventually pops. 

I spent several months wondering how in the world we got here. How is it that a church I was part of for years fell victim to this progressive christianity? Well, here is a thought for you – do you believe that the enemy can be so very convincing that one doesn’t even know they are falling into this trap until it is too late? I sure do. We see it all over scripture, including at the very beginning. Remember Eve? All the serpent had to do was twist some words around to have her questioning what God actually said to her. That’s all it took to have her take the first bite. 

We have what Eve didn’t have back then – the Bible. Although, let’s remember that while she didn’t have the Bible, she had a personal relationship with God that we don’t have – and she still fell into temptation. The Holy Bible does not contain any errors. It gives us truth, wisdom, direction and a glimpse into the mystery of our sovereign God. What an incredible gift He has given us! And, yet, even with the Bible in our hands, the enemy still attempts to twist things around. He takes things out of context and relates them to current societal norms and culture. 

Timothy warned us about what was coming… 2 Timothy 4:3 says For a time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. Sometimes hearing the truth is hard. It hurts. It forces us to give up habits we don’t want to give up. And so, many of us have made the decision to only pay attention to the things that don’t bring that discomfort. We want to believe in God, and that He sent Jesus to die for us and that His love covers all sin – which is very true – but it ends there. Because we don’t want to change our ideology, opinions, lifestyles, etc. 
Some of us want to stay in our bubble and ignore the reality of this world. We mask it by saying, “I just want to keep my eyes on Jesus and trust He has it all under control.” 

Let me pause for a moment – keeping our eyes on Jesus and trusting He has it all under control is a good thing. But when we use that as our reason to not be obedient to His beckoning us to speak truth when necessary, it becomes sin. There is a time for absolutely sit back and watch Jesus work and then there is a time when He is calling us to the front lines. Many will choose to say that this time is one where we be patient and these same many will mistakenly label the action of taking risks and speaking out as someone taking control of the situation and not “letting Jesus”. 

I am excited to continue in this topic of all God has been overturning and exposing in His church – His people, etc. There is so much to navigate through, learn, cultivate and grow. Scripture is rich with any insight we could ever want when it comes to God’s people, His church and the life we should be living for Him and Him alone.

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